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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Political Activism Vs Propaganda

Political Activism Vs Propaganda

By Shahnila Anwar

Political activists spread a set of information that could be right or wrong whereas a propagandist manipulates information according to what they desires, people to perceive. Our political ground is thriving with propaganda and political activists and It is where both intermingle. Political Activism is a thriving movement that directs toward various political, economic and social issues

Political Activism can be used pragmatically for reforming & bringing an overall positive change in the society including engaging communities for fight for the democracy and peace besides self-improvement.

Unfortunately in Pakistan the essence of democracy and political activism is not in place because of negative agendas, leg pulling, political parties opposing even the development projects just for own political interests.

There are plenty of examples to quote here that political parties in their political dissension leave countries, welfare far behind. Here political activism and propaganda somehow intermingle. Claiming themselves political activists but in due course doing propaganda.

Recently when Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto visited India to attend SCO, there was a need to put all political differences behind and unite for national cause but PTI was found siding more with the enemy country by spreading negativity about the visit and national policy.

Pakistan has been through eras of propaganda due to which real issues could not get the desired attention. Manipulation of information to fake social media campaigns have swept too much that it made it way challenging to filter factual or shady news. Since Pervez Musharaf Regime to Imran Khan’s era the dominance of protest movements, strikes, street politics, protests and campaigns have witnessed rise.

Propaganda vary from time to time, from damaging economy to social reforms, cultural values. Islamophobia, reinforcing LGBTQ , portraying Muslims as terrorists malicious campaigns against forces are major products of propaganda.

The rise of social media has escalated propaganda to another extent as the medium enables one to engage public effectively than any-other medium.

Social media helps in getting feedback and insinuates public through evoking policy debates, street protests vigorous election. T

his flares up the public, sometimes help the propagandist to diverge public sentiments from real issues, targeting cultural values shaking roots, mangling social and economic system, and most commonly for political affairs.

Twitter Facebook and above all YouTube is the most amateur platforms to mobilize audience for various causes and carrying out protests with trending hashtags and pinning other parties to wall.

The platform needs to be change for good, for strengthening Pakistan, raising voice and awareness, highlighting loopholes in governance system.

The positive use of media can bring joy, so how eloquent it will be to use youth as volunteers to help the state in positive and constructive, unbiased way for the development.

The youth needs just a positive push !

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